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Get to know the people who make ValidaTek a success.

Justin Bae

Justin BaeValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Justin Bae for his hard work and dedication! Justin is transferring to the Department of State (DoS) / Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) / Office of Consular Systems and Technologies (CST) CISS Task as a Firewall Engineer. Previously, Justin supported ValidaTek as a Senior Network Specialist on the DoS / Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) Vanguard 2.2.1 task. The project is part of the Department’s Information Technology (IT) consolidation program and is responsible for engineering and designing, securing, and operating and maintaining the critical IT infrastructures. On this task, Justin was in the Perimeter Security Division (PSD) for five years.

When asked about his favorite part about working for ValidaTek, Justin stated that he likes the small company feel and how ValidaTek treats its employees like family. We thank Justin again for all of his efforts!


Emily Gallo

EmilyValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Emily Gallo for her hard work and dedication! Emily began as an intern in the summer of 2013 in order to assist with obtaining CMMI Level 3 for Services and later returned to ValidaTek full time in June 2014 after graduating from the University of Richmond. Emily now works as Special Projects for the Corporate Services, Business Development, and Performance Monitoring & Optimization (PMO) teams. Special projects include: maintaining compliance to process and quality certifications, coordinating proposals, performing quality assurance, maintaining compliance for vendor technology partnerships, conducting research, and managing a variety of projects for Corporate Services and Business Development.

When asked about her favorite part about working for ValidaTek, Emily stated that although there are many companies in the Washington, DC area, it’s the people that set ValidaTek apart from the rest. The support she receives from the management team for her career development and growth has given her opportunities to grow professionally and she is excited to continue her career with ValidaTek. We thank Emily again for all of her efforts!


Tony Coello

Tony CoelloValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Tony Coello for his hard work and dedication! Tony works as a Monitoring Operations Lead for the Department of State (DoS) / Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) / Office of Consular Systems and Technologies (CST) IT Operational Support and Services (ITOSS) III task. ITOSS is responsible for the operations and maintenance of mission critical applications, infrastructure, systems and services that are fundamental to the processing of US Passports and Visas worldwide. Tony and his team are responsible for monitoring CA’s servers, applications, infrastructure, and network. To do this, they use a spread of different area-focused tools to cover monitoring needs such as polling performance metrics and KPIs, baselining and defining thresholds, system and network availability, network route monitoring and packet analysis, and much more. His latest project involves integrating different monitoring tools into a single view and writing rules and algorithms to correlate their events for better troubleshooting, as well as to analyze the relationships between those events. With a unified view, CA/CST will be able to create a more effective operations level dashboard for their Operations Center, as well as create an executive level dashboard for CA/CST Government managers. Tony has been a part of ValidaTek since February 2014 but has worked in CA since January 2009.

When asked about his favorite part about working for ValidaTek, Tony said that he loves how invested ValidaTek is to their employees and their continued path towards growth, yet still manage to be involved with the community with community service projects and other volunteer projects. We thank Tony again for all of his efforts!


Brian Garrison

Brian GValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Brian Garrison for his hard work and dedication! Brian works as a Level 2 Engineer on the Department of State (DoS) Vanguard 2.3.3 – Enterprise Server Operations Center (ESOC) contract. Brian and the Level 2 team perform many critical engineering functions at the DoS Data Centers and also investigate and resolve Overseas Post and virtual environment outages. Brian has delivered strong on this contract and obtained the necessary certifications to further his career. Brian’s dedication to his professional growth and delivery at ESOC have furthered his career of becoming an enterprise systems engineer and so ValidaTek is transitioning him to our new U.S. International Trade Commission (US ITC) IT Service Desk and Systems Engineering contract where he will serve as a Data Center Engineer. One of his first projects there will be to support US ITC with moving their data center to a hosted facility in Sterling, VA and ultimately setting up a collocated data center on the western power grid.

When asked about his favorite part about working for ValidaTek, Brian said that he enjoys that ValidaTek has an employee-focused atmosphere with events like monthly happy hours, bi-weekly company-wide calls, and annual company picnics and holiday parties. We are excited for Brian to begin work on the new project at US ITC and we thank him again for all his efforts!


Elisabeth Pegnato

Liz PicValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Elisabeth Pegnato for her hard work and dedication. She works on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) team, which provides PKI services to all of DHS. As a Registration Authority, Elisabeth issues digital certificates to those who work for DHS. She has implemented a tracking system for service requests that allows data to be analyzed for improvements as well as report service outages. Additionally, Elisabeth provides project management support for the team.

As part of her work, Elisabeth managed a briefing for the SBU team to present to executives at DHS in order to explain what the team does and why the service and tools they provide are important. She enjoys meeting and working with everyone, and appreciates the hard work that they all invest.


Dave Maulik

ValidaTek Open House - Aug 2015.039 (3) ValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Dave Maulik for his hard work and dedication. Dave is currently a Senior Business Systems Analyst on ValidaTek’s Software Development & Support (SDS) contract at the Department of State – Bureau of Human Resources (DoS/HR). Dave and his team are responsible for researching and analyzing all overseas applications for the Overseas Personnel Systems (OPS) project. They are determined to solve any issues encountered by US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, with an investigation and evaluation of all incidents recorded to improve productivity and software quality. Along with the developers’ quality assurance team, Dave and his team ensure that there is always customer satisfaction by following up on tickets submitted and reassuring that incidents have been solved in the appropriate manner.  In a very short amount of time, Dave has managed to get the huge number of legacy support tickets under control and has now expanded his role to work with all application developers & testers at DoS/HR.

Dave has been a part of the ValidaTek family since April of 2015 and we would like to congratulate him on his recent achievement of obtaining his Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certificate through ValidaTek. He has represented our company with great pride and appreciates the opportunity of excelling since he is the only ValidaTek employee on the team. Dave enjoys every minute of his time on the project and we are very proud of all of his accomplishments. We would like to thank him again for all of his efforts and outstanding commitment.


Neibert Wilson

ValidaTek Open House - Aug 2015.057 (2)ValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Neibert Wilson for her hard work and dedication. Neibert is a ValidaTek Accountant and has been a part of ValidaTek since March of 2014. She works at our ValidaTek Corporate Headquarters in Rosslyn, Virginia and ensures all transactions are recorded accurately and timely in the correct accounting period. Neibert is also responsible for ValidaTek’s payroll processing within the Accounting team. At the end of each month, Neibert and the team work very hard verifying to have accounting statements accurately represent the company’s performance. They have to apply accounting knowledge and regulations when working with accounts payable and do that by following the Federal Accountant Regulations (FAR).

Neibert’s goal is to optimize accounts payable so that statements will be ready for management review in a timely manner. She enjoys the environment she works in and the workplace relationships she has made during her time at ValidaTek.


Tyrone Cook

Tyrone CookValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Tyrone Cook for his hard work and dedication. Tyrone is a Level 1 Data Center Support Technician for the Department of State-Vanguard 2.3.3- Enterprise Server Operations Center (ESOC) contract. Tyrone is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of the Data Center systems at the Department of State. Him and his team are first to respond and send notifications for any technical issues, perform systems availability monitoring and reporting, maintain knowledge base documentation, provide a timely response to customer queries for assistance, and much more.

Tyrone has been working at the Department of State since he was 21 years old and we were pleased to have him join our ValidaTek family in November of 2013. His career life has been enjoyed on the ESOC project since he graduated college and believes that his co-workers have become more like family. They have seen each other grow professionally since they began their careers and are proud of each other’s achievements along the way. Tyrone’s motivation to always keep the customer satisfied and stand as a role-model employee for his co-workers are just two of his many strengths. We would like to thank him again for all of his efforts to please the customer through his consistently outstanding performance!


Steve Bugbee

Steve BugbeeValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Steve Bugbee for his hard work and dedication. Steve is a Database Administrator & Developer on the Department of the Army’s Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Website and Database Technical Support & Development contract. He and the rest of the ValidaTek team are responsible for database maintenance and enhancement of the CHESS website known as the IT e-mart, which streamlines the IT procurement process for the Army.

In addition to supporting the team by working on the performance and maintenance of applications on the CHESS IT e-mart, Steve is responsible for generating ad hoc reports to different Army entities. This puts him in contact with a wide range of vendors as well as government personnel, from the Project Director to the Product Leaders.

Although the contract is relatively new to ValidaTek, Steve has been a member of the CHESS team for over two years and his continuous dedication to the mission, his positive attitude and his focus have made him an exemplary member of the team and a great asset to ValidaTek. We thank him again for all his efforts!



Reena Mahboob

ReenaM ValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Reena Mahboob for her hard work and dedication. Reena is the Project Manager of the Department of State’s Population, Refugee, and Migration Enterprise System (PRiMES) project. PRiMES is a SharePoint based .NET application that maintains the funds for the Bureau of Population, Refugee, and Migration (PRM) and also manages the Bureau’s performance. While Reena has only been with ValidaTek since June, she has been involved in the project since January of 2012. She has become a valuable asset for ValidaTek as the “go-to” person for both the development team and the customer. In addition to her role as Project Manager, Reena also works with requirements management, internal testing, and provides training on the application.

Reena and her team have been working hard the last 3-4 months to develop the application after championing a re-design to a SharePoint based application. Several users and high-level Government officials have seen the application now and are amazed and impressed.

Reena has also been instrumental in working within the ValidaTek EPIC Team in getting appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Development. Taking initiative and responsibility, staying accountable, and going the extra length to make sure all aspects of the project are successful are Reena’s strengths. We would like to thank her again for all her efforts!


Alice Kline

Anne KleinValidaTek would like to thank Alice Kline for her hard work and dedication! Alice works for the Department of State. She is responsible for the expenditure of millions of dollars on a yearly basis.  She not only processes purchase requirements for the REACH group, she is also responsible for the equipment being purchased for the (ISEG) International Security Events Group, which handles all of the Olympic and Pan AM games around the world, and the (FEST) Foreign Emergency Support Team, which is part of Counter Terrorism. Alice has been working on ordering all of the equipment that goes into the creation of the REACH BIC Kits which we are supplying to 265 Posts and Consulates around the world. These kits are the first line of communications at an Embassy or Consulate that must be evacuated or has been compromised in any way.

Additionally, Alice worked hand in hand with her Government Supervisor in the creation of a BPA which made it easier for the individual Posts to purchase their own equipment such as Iridium phones, air time, sim cards and BGANs which are required equipment for the BIC Kits.