NewsBack-to-School Drive: Operation Backpack

Back-to-School Drive: Operation Backpack


Operation BackpackVolunteers of America’s Back-to-School drive began in 1999 as a small effort that collected school supplies for the Children in our homeless shelters. In 2002 the campaign was reorganized and rebranded Operation Backpack to reflect its ambitious, new goal: to give every homeless child a backpack filled with school supplies. This year will mark the first time Volunteers of America Chesapeake will participate in the program. The goal is to collect 50 backpacks and raise $10,000 to support the homeless children we serve.

ValidaTek has decided to sponsor Operation Backpack for this quarter. Here’s how you can participate: Purchase a backpack and or supplies from the list attached for 1st – 4th graders. If you cannot get out to the store to purchase the items but would like to make a cash donation you can. We will purchase the supplies for you with your cash donation. We will be collecting donations until October 31, 2013.

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